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If you are looking to have a visit to the best Fracture Care in Brooklyn that helps you out for with a healing treatment, Kings Highway Ortho is a perfect option for you to get extensive services from different ways of treatment procedures.

A fracture is a break or a crack in a bone that occurs due to many reasons. While many fractures are caused due to the results of high impact or force that creates a separation of the bone continuity, but it also occurs due to a medical condition or disease such as bone with low density (osteoporosis), bone tumor or cancer (osteogenesis imperfecta).

Fractures are further divided into different types, which include as follows:

  • Stress Fracture
  • Simple (single line fracture)
  • Comminuted (bone breaks into several pieces)
  • Closed (skin intact)
  • Compound Fracture (bone penetrates through the skin)
  • Non displaced (bones aligned)
  • Displaced Fracture (bones not aligned)
  • Compression Fracture (weakening of a bone in elderly people)
  • Greenstick Fracture (bone bends, but doesn't break completely)

The bone fracture causes swelling, pain, deformity and numbness, causing more trauma and sometimes brushing on the affected areas. With highly qualified professionals, diagnosis for the fracture is easy and treatment requires precise care.

However, the goal of the treatment is to repair the dislocated bone by promoting bone healing process and restore to normal functioning of immobilize bone. We provide emergency fracture care when the case is more severe enough and immediate surgical intervention is required.

Best Fracture Care

Fracture care is divided into non-operative and operative procedures that help in bringing back your fracture bone to mobility. Different techniques are required for different types of fractures. We usually follow conservative treatment methods that require minimal pain or without operating the affected area. Moderate fractures may require casting, traction, splints, or braces along with the pain medication. For more severe fractures, surgical treatment is considered for making incisions or cut to place rods and screws by making a correct alignment.

As precautionary and safer procedures, fractures are stabilized using some of the hardware components such as plates, metal rods, and screws.

At Kings Highway Ortho center, we have a very holistic approach, specialized in our expertise and knowledge to give the best care for treating any kind of fracture. Our renowned doctors and specialists treat injury until it gets completely healed. But to get the best possible treatment and to achieve successful results is determined through diagnosis and physical examination. A fracture can be diagnosed with X-Rays, Bone Scan, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).


After the treatment is performed by considering all the procedures and the options rehabilitation process is done. Recovery time for full healing for a fracture takes weeks to months. It is advisable for the patient to take proper care of the cast until it is completely recovered. Avoid lifting of heavy weights, don't put on stress or pressure on the affected area.

As a part of the fracture care management, we at Kings Highway Ortho provide pain management and physical therapy process to meet effective surgical procedure.

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