Sports Medicine in Brooklyn

Sports Medicine is a branch of medicine which focus on to help people dealing with physical fitness, improving performance, preventing from injuries through precautionary care, and to provide effective treatment that can regain 100% physical fit.

Sports medicine is one of the most importance specializations in the health care industry and the fastest growing field dealing with all types of sports, specialized specialties by using advanced techniques and methods to improvise the condition of all types of sports persons ranging from different types of sports.

Sports Medicine Treatment in Brooklyn

Sports Medicine Treatment from the best Orthopedic center by expertise sports medicine professionals allows a patient to recover as quickly as possible and to return its normal activity or schedule of work.

Specialized in providing the full range of orthopedic and sports medicine care in the most comprehensive manner, we at Kings Highway Orthopedic Associates center carries out the best possible procedure. Our sports medicine treatment services usually combine with medications, physical therapies, and surgeries in order to give exceptional results and to achieve high performance in sports activity. The sports medicine not only provides treatment to improvise the performance but also provide effective measures to prevent any fatal injuries by giving the people with valid inputs on precautionary tips and suggestions.

Sports medicine professionals at Kings Highway Orthopedic Associates are amateur in giving the best treatment by conducting various methods and procedures on patients to yield 100% better results. However, the treatment depends on the type and gravity of the injury the patient has suffered. Moreover, with a full range of facilities and services, our unique approach gives you total recovery that can lead you towards a comeback in your sports profession with strengthening confidence and higher motivation sprits.

Find the Sports Medicine Specialist

Specialists concerned with sports-related injuries - Sports Medicine and Sports Medicine Physicians.

Dr. Daniel Morgan - MD, FAAOS at Kings Highway Orthopedic Associates

Specialized in Orthopedic Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine in Brooklyn with over 31 years of practice, Doctor Daniel Morgan helps patients in providing various types of effective treatments. A well-known Hip and Knee replacement specialists, he has specialized in performing shoulder injuries to the patients. He has performed various types of procedures, the majority of them include hip, and knee replacements for the group as well as most of the hip fractures at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medicine Center, a division of Kings Highway Orthopedics Associates. Besides, Dr. Morgan provides state of the art minimally invasive surgery on patients for hip and knee replacements.

Brief Qualification Overview of Dr. Daniel Morgan

  • Medical Degree Graduate from the University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • Internship Program at Washington Hospital Center, Washington DC
  • Did his residential program at Union Memorial, Baltimore, Maryland and Kingsbook Medical Center Brooklyn, NY
  • Earned Fellows of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery (FAAOS)

Sports Medicine – A Recover Process

For any treatment, a quick path to recovery process is a prime concern for our doctors, physicians, and surgeons at the Kings Highway Orthopedics center. Therefore, we cater the best services to facilitate the extensive care for the patient apart from using advanced medical equipment and technology, medicines, and physical therapies. Sports Medicine in Brooklyn is regarded as one of the top multi-specialty centers that give a wide range of benefits to patients.

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