Pain Management Specialist in Brooklyn

Pain might be simple to complex and can be a debilitating condition and it cannot be ignored. There are various treatment options to keep the pain under control. Pain management services help patients to provide effective treatment. There are various stages of pain, which are associated with complex, acute, and chronic pain.

Pain Management Treatment

Pain management treatment has evolved with new innovative techniques and unique combination of approach with advanced therapies by skillful persons who are expertise in providing exceptional results and relief from all types of pain related ailments. There are many treatment options for different pain related ailments.

Pain is a very traumatic feeling or discomfort caused due to various reasons such as injury, illness or emotional disorder. The pain may persist for a short duration or a longer period of time and timely intervention can get rid of the pain by providing proper medication and therapy. However, some of the acute pains are caused due to illness, which may include tumor, cancerous cells, etc. Therefore, one has to consult a doctor at the earliest and diagnose at an early stage.

Therapies and Treatments for Pain Relief

Pain Physicians offer a wide range of pain management services by using advanced techniques to help the patients in minimizing pain with a comprehensive and unique approach by focusing on specific patient and giving them a personalized care.

Kings Highway Ortho is the top pain management center in Brooklyn, which has highly specialized experts and leaders in performing all types of pains and injuries to joints, cartilage, muscular pain, ligament tears, back pain, neck pain, etc. Pain management specialists at Kings Highway are specialized in musculoskeletal ultrasound, interventional spine care, and electro diagnostics.

Best Pain Management Specialist

Dr. Joshua Reimer is associated with pain management program to minimize the pain of the patient. Dr. Reimer with his expertise skills and professional experience routinely administered each patient to achieve specific goals and provide specialized services.

Dr. Reimer attended an accelerated BS-MD medical program with undergraduate training at Stevens Institute of Technology. The numerous training programs have given him greater exposure in diagnosing pain and therapeutic ultrasound techniques. In addition, the training has allowed him to incorporate the state of the art method during the process of treatment.

Dr. Reimer's Training and Qualifications:

  • Medical training at New Jersey Medical School, UMDNI
  • Recipient of PM&R (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) department award as a graduate medical school
  • Training in PM&R at prestigious Kessler Institute of Rehabilitation in West Orange, NJ
  • Fellowship training under mentorship of renowned Marko Bodor MD, in Napa, CA

In addition to training programs, Dr. Reimer has earned three board certification specialties; Physical Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Pain Medicine.

Dr. Reimer's Works

Dr. Joshua Reimer is the best pain management specialist in Brooklyn. He has worked alongside with top professionals and leaders in the field of treating spinal cord and traumatic brain for injured patients and complex neurological disorders and injuries.

Dr. Reimer's treatment approach is unique and includes a balance of physical therapy and modalities with targeted injection procedures to control the pain by managing and impairment in an integrative fashion. Dr. Reimer's approach of diagnosing numerous structural problems such as rotator cuff and Achilles tendon tears without MRI is one of the unique methods and has extensive experience in the use of electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction. He uses ultrasound and fluoroscopy to guide targeted injections of anti-inflammatories, joint lubricant gels, and platelet-based therapies to manage a wide variety of conditions using minimal discomfort to the patient.

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